Small IX IP Blocks

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Sat Apr 4 23:02:52 UTC 2015

That makes sense. I do recall now reading about having that 8 bit separation between tiers of networks. However, in an IX everyone is supposed to be able to talk to everyone else. Traditionally (AFAIK), it's all been on the same subnet. At least the ones I've been involved with have been single subnets, but that's v4 too. 

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> I am starting up a small IX. The thought process was a /24 for every IX 
> location (there will be multiple of them geographically disparate), even though 
> we nqever expected anywhere near that many on a given fabric. Then okay, how do 
< we d o v6? We got a /48, so the thought was a /64 for each. 

You probably want a /56 for each so you can hand a /64 to each customner. 

That way, customer isolation becomes easy because it's a routing problem. 
If customers share a subnet, it gets a little harder.... 

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