Small IX IP Blocks

Mike Hammett nanog at
Sat Apr 4 21:06:02 UTC 2015

I am starting up a small IX. The thought process was a /24 for every IX location (there will be multiple of them geographically disparate), even though we never expected anywhere near that many on a given fabric. Then okay, how do we do v6? We got a /48, so the thought was a /64 for each. That one seems more cut and dry. A NANOG BCOP says to subnet no smaller than /64, so that makes sense to have one for each location. However, that brings me back to v4. Should I be cutting that /24 down into say /25s or /26s? We don't expect to have more than a /27 worth of networks at any one location, so a /26 should provide enough risk avoidance in not re-numbering an IX. That said... maybe best practice is to just leave it as /24. That's what I've seen at the other small IXes. 

Yes, I looked at NANOG's BCOPs and an article put out by Euro-IX. Didn't see much there. 

Mike Hammett 
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