BGP offloading (fixing legacy router BGP scalability issues)

Colin Johnston colinj at
Thu Apr 2 20:10:34 UTC 2015

yes have tried chinese language communication as well.
none of it works, they dont believe bad traffic is a big issue where it has been proved 100% is bad
we do belive this is due to bad abuse practice not informing customers and also deliberately sending bad traffic to test exploits on a large scale.

ssl bad cert signing in china is just a example of this culture

shutting the door if it is shown unfriendly traffic makes sense to me


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> On 2 Apr 2015, at 20:50, Barry Shein <bzs at> wrote:
> The essence of this discussion is IMHO a
> Be that as it may how many of you have attempted to contact these
> providers in Chinese?
> Or do you all have good reason to believe that is never the problem?
>> On April 2, 2015 at 11:05 goemon at (goemon at wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2 Apr 2015, Mark Tinka wrote:
>>> Most of the spam I get comes from North America. Go figure. I'm not
>>> about to cut access to that continent off.
>> Big difference is that north america is usually responsive to abuse 
>> notifications and sometimes has LEO who will listen.
>> china is neither.
>> -Dan
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