BGP offloading (fixing legacy router BGP scalability issues)

Pawel Rybczyk nogs at
Thu Apr 2 11:43:15 UTC 2015

Hi Freddy,

As Paul has mentioned, you could check the David's project - SIR, look
at his presentation:

We've also developed a platform for the BGP monitoring and routing
optimization which could solve your problem. It would inject to the
border routers only TOP X prefixes with which you exchange most of the
traffic. The added value would be that route orders point to best
performing transit (low latency, 0 packet loss) per distant prefix.

If you are interested to know more about our software please contact me

Pawel Rybczyk
Regional Manager
BORDER 6 sp. z o.o.
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> David Barroso's (Spotify) SDN Internet Router [0] comes to mind.
> 0 -
> On 4/2/2015 午後 07:47, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
>> Filtering countries is a bad idea, but it is probably possible to create
>> filters so 99% of your actual traffic is handled by a relatively small
>> subset of global routes and the remaining 1% routed via a default
>> route or
>> via a Linux box.
>> Anyone know of tools and methods to do this? How effective is it ( how
>> many
>> routes is necessary to capture 99% of the traffic)?
>> Regards
>> Baldur

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