PoC for shortlisted DDoS Vendors

Kenneth McRae kenneth.mcrae at me.com
Wed Apr 1 21:56:40 UTC 2015

Why aren't you also looking at Hauwei?

On Apr 01, 2015, at 09:53 AM, Mohamed Kamal <mkamal at noor.net> wrote:

In our effort to pick up a reasonably priced DDoS appliance with a
competitive features, we're in a process of doing a PoC for the
following shortlisted vendors:

1- RioRey
2- NSFocus
3- Arbor
4- A10

The setup will be inline. So it would be great if anyone have done this
before and can help provide the appropriate tools, advices, or the
testing documents for efficient PoC.


Mohamed Kamal
Core Network Sr. Engineer

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