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> >The problem is, before it is an entirely correct statement to assert
> >that a zero entropy system never develops new vulnerabilities, you
> >have to expand the boundaries of the "system" to include the entire
> >planet.
> Incorrect. The whole planet does not directly affect the system. Well,
> that is not entirely true. There could be an earthquake that knocks
> the building down. Presumably you have mitigations in place for that
> -- usually a continuity and recovery plan. The planet could also be
> struck by a meteor causing an extinction level event to occur. There
> would probably be no need to mitigate that.

"The Internet is the only endeavour of man in which a single-character 
typographical error in a file on a computer on the other side of the 
planet *which you do not even know exists* can take your entire business
off line for the better part of a day."

-- Someone, in the wake of the (I think) Turkish YouTube BGP hijacking;
    damn if I remember who.  I might be embellishing.  :-)

-- jra
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