NANOG College Immersion Program

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Sat Sep 27 17:52:45 UTC 2014

Hi Dave,

Some questions regarding this program:

0) Is there a webpage somewhere with more information?
1) How do students/professors apply?
2) Who can qualify for this program? Are there age restrictions? Undergrads? Graduate students? Are there geographical restrictions?
3) How many seats are there?

Andrew McConachie

On 9/26/14 2:44 PM, Dave Temkin wrote:
> Yes, the professor will need to apply on behalf of the students that they
> wish to send, as NANOG will not be directly involved in their coursework.
> Regards,
> -Dave
> On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Colin McIntosh <cmcintosh33 at>
> wrote:
>> I think this is a great idea! Will a student's school/professor be
>> required to participate or can students apply by on their own?
>> -Colin
>> On Sep 26, 2014 10:26 AM, "Dave Temkin" <dave at> wrote:
>>> I'm excited to announce that for NANOG 63 in San Antonio that we will
>>> begin
>>> the NANOG College Immersion Program. This program aims to provide the next
>>> generation of Network Operators with an edge in today's highly competitive
>>> market and allows us a conduit of highly capable operators, engineers, and
>>> architects.
>>> Please see below for the full program description.
>>> Regards,
>>> -Dave Temkin, for the NANOG Board of Directors
>>> NANOG College Immersion Program
>>> Summary:
>>> NANOG is committed to ensuring next generation of networking professionals
>>> have an opportunity become part of the operational community that makes
>>> the
>>> internet run. Companies such as Google, Level 3, Microsoft, NTT, Netflix,
>>> Yahoo, and Amazon rely on NANOG to discuss key architectural and
>>> operational topics relevant to Internet infrastructure. NANOG believes by
>>> introducing undergraduates to our vibrant community before entering the
>>> job
>>> marketplace, they will have a better understanding of how the
>>> infrastructure of the Internet works and how they might participate after
>>> graduation. Further, students may be able to find internship opportunities
>>> they may have not otherwise found.
>>> Offering:
>>> NANOG will provide an expenses-paid trip to the current meeting for up to
>>> 25 students per meeting. The paid expenses will include:
>>>    -
>>>    Airfare (up to $500)
>>>    -
>>>    Four nights of hotel (must be booked by NANOG staff)
>>>    -
>>>    Ground transportation (reasonable cost)
>>>    -
>>>    Meal stipend (adjusted for meeting location)
>>> NANOG will also, space permitting, allow free admission for students to
>>> the
>>> NANOG Education Series (
>>> class prior to the meeting they are attending.
>>> NANOG will provide guidance to students as to what they may and may not
>>> attend. Of note, alcohol is served at some NANOG events and there is the
>>> expectation that those not legally entitled to consume alcohol will
>>> refrain
>>> from doing so. NANOG takes no responsibility for those that break the law
>>> during their meetings and reserves the right to refuse admission to those
>>> that violate our Attendance Charter.
>>> Expectation:
>>> NANOG will not be involved in any syllabus or coursework for the students.
>>> The NANOG organization will provide an agenda and slideware for the
>>> materials that the students will be viewing and expects their professor to
>>> determine the best way their students can extract educational value from
>>> the NANOG program. NANOG asks, in return, that all students complete our
>>> surveys in full and that their teaching staff provide us with a summary of
>>> how they used our program in the classroom and/or in coursework. A few
>>> paragraphs from each student explaining the value that they got from the
>>> program and social interactions would also be a good idea.
>>> Q&A:
>>> Q: What is NANOG and what is the value proposition for sending a student
>>> to
>>> this conference?
>>> A: The North American Network Operators Group or NANOG, is the
>>> professional
>>> association for Internet engineering and architecture. Our core focus is
>>> on
>>> the technologies and systems that make the Internet function: core routing
>>> and switching; Internet inter-domain routing; the domain name system;
>>> peering and interconnection; and Internet core security. We also cover
>>> associated areas with a direct impact on Internet architecture such as
>>> data
>>> centers and optical networking.  The value proposition for the student is
>>> exposure to all of these subjects and technical material but more
>>> importantly to the organizations and individuals.  The opportunity for
>>> students to make industry contacts is invaluable.
>>> Q: How do we select students for this sponsorship?
>>> A: Send your best and brightest, highlight that the value is the density
>>> of
>>> industry representatives in a common location.
>>> Q: What do the students owe back to NANOG?
>>> A: In addition to the anonymous surveys that all attendees are asked to
>>> complete, the NANOG Board would request that all sponsorship recipients
>>> provide feedback on their experiences.  Lastly, we would like to encourage
>>> the students join the mailing list (nanog at, attend more
>>> conferences and get involved in the industry.
>>> Q: How do we evaluate our students participation?
>>> A: Students could provide a variety of deliverables back to the
>>> institution.  These could include a writeup of selected presentations from
>>> the agenda, an overview of the conference as a whole, or even a list of
>>> the
>>> individuals they met during the conference.
>>> Q: What will be covered in the sponsorship?
>>> A: Hotel, conference fee, airfare, and a reasonable stipend for
>>> incidentals
>>> such as meals.
>>> Q: Why are you sponsoring our students for this conference?
>>> A: The NANOG organization is keen to encourage the future technology
>>> leaders and innovators to get interested and involved in this segment of
>>> the industry.

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