upstream support for flowspec

Daniel Corbe corbe at
Thu Sep 18 17:53:52 UTC 2014

I was perusing RFC5575 after reading a presentation that ALU did
(presumably during some previous NANOG conference).  Reference:

This seems like it would be a godsend for small operators like myself who don't have
access to unlimited bandwidth and are put off by off-site scrubbing

As far as I can tell though the only platforms that offer support are
the 7750-SR and platforms made by Juniper.

Is there anything in the air about widening the adoption base?  Cisco?

And once that happens, what are the chances of services providers
adopting this for their customers to make use of on as wide of a scale
as (for example) blackhole community strings.

I'd certainly *love* to have a way to mitigate an attack that doesn't
involve me sacrificing one service on my network to save the rest.


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