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> > No, I was confusing you for someone who understood -- as everyone else
> > here seems to have -- that I meant "querying for an A, AAAA, or MX 
> > record".
> You want to return NXDOMAIN for a name only when the QTYPE is A, AAAA,
> or MX, and not everything else?  Presumably you don't want to do
> negative caching?  
> A
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You want gethostbyname, getaddrinfo to return HOST_NOT_FOUND/EAI_NONAME
if a single label is entered and is not matched by
<label>.<search-list-element>.  localhost is special cased.

You want res_search() to return  HOST_NOT_FOUND if a single label
is entered and is not matched by <label>.<search-list-element>.

You want res_query() and other tools that look in the DNS and are
*not* searching to return whatever is in the DNS.

If you have a new interface that looks for SRV records you want
that to fail if <srv-prefix>.<label>.<search-list-element> is not
found unless searching is explictly disabled.  This allows for
things like "_whois._tcp.tld SRV ...." to work.

Search lists are for hosts and host like things.  Resolver libraries
have different interfaces for different purposes.  Single label
hostnames for reaching non local equipment was deliberately phase
out in the 1980's as it was clearly a bad concept.

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