Here comes iOS 8...

Nick Olsen nick at
Wed Sep 17 17:04:25 UTC 2014

I've been waiting all morning.
 Expedited repair of a primary link to prepare for the traffic. Not that it 
didn't have multiple backups. But one doesn't trifle with IOS8 release 
traffic.. If it's anything like IOS7 was..
 Nick Olsen
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 From: "Zachary McGibbon" <zachary.mcgibbon+nanog at>
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:59 PM
To: "NANOG" <nanog at>
Subject: Here comes iOS 8...   
So Apple is about to release iOS 8... Have you done anything special to
your network setup to accommodate the traffic flood ie traffic shaping
rules, cache servers, etc?

I heard that Apple Caching servers won't work with this update, so I'm
guessing it will be pushed through Akamai servers as is usually is.

- Zachary

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