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> Most phones these days, however, ship with teeny weenie batteries that can barely keep the device working for a few hours at a time, let alone be actually useful for anything (unless you carry four or five fully charges spares with you at all times).  The manufacturer provided battery would last about 6 hours with all functions turned on, provided you never used the phone or turned on the display.

Samsung's Note 2 (what I'm using), Note 3, and the upcoming Note 4 all sport removable batteries, thankfully, along with MicroSD slots (I have a 128GB MicroSD in mine).
ZeroLemon (available through Amazon) make high-capacity batteries/cases for the Samsung phones.  I have two of their 9,000mAh extended batteries for the Note 2, along with their ZeroShock case which replaces the back cover of the phone and holds the extended-life batteries (the batteries themselves come with replacement back covers/cases, but I prefer the presumed additional protection offered by the ZeroShock case).

>  Some manufacturers even specialize in manufacturing non-serviceable devices in which you cannot put a real battery if you wanted.

For iPhone users, the iBattz battery cases feature removable batteries - they're the same ones used in the Samsung Galaxy S3, and so are readily available.  So, one can  replace the batteries in the battery case as needed, which is the best design I've seen for the iPhone.  iBattz are available via Amazon, as well.  Battery chargers for these batteries are also readily available, so that one can charge the batteries themselves without being forced to plug the iPhone/case itself into a charger (also available from Amazon).  

> Now if only there was a way to get them to not use that bloody awful super-glare glass (or get it replaced with a matte non-glare glass) so that you didn't have to go stand in a dark closet to use the phone ...

Anti-glare screen protectors are available for most any phone, these days.  Again, they're available via Amazon.

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