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On 9/16/2014 18:01, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Scott Weeks wrote:
>>> On Sep 16, 2014, at 10:48 AM, James Bensley <jwbensley at> wrote:
>>> What is the single best book you have read on
>>> networking?
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>> Paper is soooo 20th century.  C'mon, we're a decade and
>> a half into the 21st century.   :-)
>> scott
> Experience the power of the bookbook:

And I will tell you that when you are in a dark wiring closet trying to 
figure out how to "get into" an unfamiliar piece of equipment, a 
flashlight and the right collection of paper is priceless, while the 
cold, dark screen is worthless.

I think of this "paperless" idiocy every time I write "20 reams of 
printer paper" on the grocery list.  For the first half of my life -- 
maybe a little less -- I did not ever do that.  Thanks, G*d, I no longer 
by 8½ X 11 and 11 X 17 fan-fold (½ of that green-bar).

The unique Characteristics of System Administrators:

The fact that they are infallible; and,

The fact that they learn from their mistakes.

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