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Tue Sep 16 17:53:51 UTC 2014

³Designing Campus Networks² From Cisco.
³Internet Routing Architectures²
³Next Generation Network Services² from Cisco Press

To me those are pretty general and how to apply it to different scenarios.


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>On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 09:48:45AM +0100, James Bensley wrote:
>> What is the single best book you have read on networking?
>Elements of Networking Style, Michael A. Padlipsky, 1984.  How could
>*not* love a book which includes this in the foreword:
>	Brace yourselves.  We are about to try something that borders
>	on the unique: an actually rather serious technical book which
>	is not only (gasp) vehemently anti-Solemn but also (shudder)
>	takes sides.  I tend to think of it as "Constructive Snottiness".
>p.s. And anything/everything Stevens wrote.

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