Scotland ccTLD?

David Conrad drc at
Tue Sep 16 16:26:24 UTC 2014

On Sep 16, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Rubens Kuhl <rubensk at> wrote:
> Available s* include sf, sp, sq, su and sw.

SF (Finland, from “Suomi Finland”) is “transitionally reserved” meaning it is allocated but will be removed from the allocated list “soon” (for some value of the variable “soon”). I believe the hold down timer for transitionally reserved is something like 50 years now. As such, it’s not available.

SU is the Soviet Union, now classified as “exceptionally reserved” which IANA treats as available for assignment (other exceptionally reserved codes are EU, UK, and AC).  Don’t get me started on why SU is exceptionally reserved instead of transitionally reserved.


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