Scotland ccTLD?

TR Shaw tshaw at
Tue Sep 16 15:52:38 UTC 2014

On Sep 16, 2014, at 11:43 AM, Jay Ashworth wrote:

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>> From: "Suresh Ramasubramanian" <ops.lists at>
>> Alba was the ancient roman name for England, meaning white, because if
>> the white cliffs of Dover
>> They called Scotland Caledonia and Ireland Hibernia
> Ah.
>> Scotland is named for an ancient / mythical queen named Scota so they
>> should be fine with say sc
> Except that, alas, .sc is already assigned, to Seychelles.  Or this wouldn't
> be a thing.  :-)

Why not ct? 

The Scots have always embraced Caledonia.  Heck, their airline, before BA bought them, was called British Caledonia (a better airline than BA IMHO)

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