The Next Big Thing: Named-Data Networking

Masataka Ohta mohta at
Sun Sep 7 22:37:27 UTC 2014

Barry Shein wrote:

> Understand these were speaking notes and it was safe to assume the
> audience basically understood DNS so it wasn't my intention to give an
> exhaustive introduction to how DNS works.

Surprisingly many people who basically understand DNS have the
same misunderstanding as you, which is why some people believe
in NDN.

> There also seems to be some splitting of hairs over the meaning of
> "site" in your response. That is, some sort of physical boundary vs an
> authoritative boundary.

Then, "site" based FQDN can not be used for scalable routing.

> At any rate my proposal doesn't eliminate hierarchical addresses,

See above.

> One could use the FQDNs themselves as hierarchical
> addresses at least as an external representation.

You are trying to define something not usable for scalable
routing a hierarchical address, which is as bad as your
attempt to distort the definition of "site".

						Masataka Ohta

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