Fwd: Interesting problems with using IPv6

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Sun Sep 7 19:17:18 UTC 2014

--- fergdawgster at mykolab.com wrote:
From: Paul Ferguson <fergdawgster at mykolab.com>

There's been a lot of on-and-off discussion about v6, 
especially about security and operational concerns 
about some aspects of IPv6 deployment, specifically 
regarding neighbor discovery (although there are other 
operational security concerns, as well).

I'd like to provide this as an example of those 
concerns, without any additional commentary. :-)

See also:


I read the article and Tim Warnock on ipv6.org.au gave 
a pretty good and very brief summary.  Pasted here for
those that don't have time to read it.  :-)

"large L2 domain + ipv6 windows privacy extensions + some 
intel card bug + some mention of igmp snooping = multicast 
flood w/ high switch/router cpu..."

Of course it's worth reading and there is a lot more to 
the post...


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