The Next Big Thing: Named-Data Networking

Matthias Waehlisch m.waehlisch at
Fri Sep 5 20:42:43 UTC 2014

On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, Sander Steffann wrote:

> Well, you don't need addresses for clients, just for content... From 
> the architecture page at
> "Note that neither Interest nor Data packets carry any host or 
> interface addresses (such as IP addresses); Interest packets are 
> routed towards data producers based on the names carried in the 
> Interest packets, and Data packets are returned based on the state 
> information set up by the Interests at each router hop."
> So it's basically suggesting a NAT-like table in every single router.
> And we all know how well NAT boxes scale...
  the pending interest table is more similar to multicast routing table,
which is maintained by end user subscriptions -- still challenging wrt
to scalability.


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