Security Track @ NANOG 62 Call for Participation

John Kristoff jtk at
Fri Sep 5 16:37:38 UTC 2014

Friends, colleagues, fellow operators,

The network security track, formerly known as the ISP security BoF,
will be on the agenda at NANOG 62 in Baltimore and I will be the track
facilitator.  My good friend Krassimir (Krassi) Tzvetanov many of you
may know, has also agreed to help coordinate.

We not only seek your participation, but we are also interested you
contributing to the track content.  If there is something or if you know
someone who might like to present, discuss or conduct a demonstration
of, we want to hear from you.  Here is an incomplete list of ideas to
stir your thoughts:

  * BGPSEC and RPKI update or deployments
  * Route leak/hijack monitoring and mitigation
  * Mobile issues
  * IPv6 security concerns or case studies
  * DDoS mitigation experience and case studies
  * Customer support and management practices
  * Control plane best practices and templates
  * Embedded device problems and protections
  * Government regulatory, compliance and privacy issues
  * Walled garden techniques
  * Malware analysis
  * MPLS and VLAN security issues
  * VM and cloud security challenges
  * OpenFlow/SDN security considerations
  * <insert your new cool tool or idea here>

Note, this track is not streamed nor recorded.

If you want your PGP key signed by me (or anyone else), you should
upload it before arriving to this page to we have a record of it before
meeting in person.



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