Multicast Internet Route table.

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On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 11:29 AM, Corey Touchet
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> 14 years at Verizon Wireless and I despised the crop of multicast products
> that seemed to pop up from time to time.  [...]  Content
> delivery systems moving the content closer to edge customers makes this
> less of a problem as well. [...]
> Torrent style distribution appears to be particularly effective as long as
> you can maintain a pool of users to distribute the content.

Hi Corey,

Would it be fair to say that:

Unicast delivery from distributed caches (e.g. CDNs, Content Delivery
Networks) and/or unicast peer to peer transfer is more effective in
nearly all applications where interdomain multicast routing is a
candidate solution?

If that's true, would it be useful for ISPs to build some kind of
generalized multi-layer streaming cache system that any end-user
application could make use of? Build caching into the system's
capabilities instead of it being hit or miss depending on who pays for
a CDN?

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