Multicast Internet Route table.

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Tue Sep 2 12:46:38 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2 Sep 2014 04:47:37 +0000
"S, Somasundaram (Somasundaram)" <somasundaram.s at>

> 1: Does all the ISP's provide Multicast Routing by
> default?

No not all and even those that do often do not do so on the same gear,
links and peers as their unicast forwarding.

> 2:  Is there any placeholder where one can get to know the
> Multicast Internet Route table (usage, stability etc) just like
> Unicast Route table (

Marshall Eubanks at one time probably maintained the most comprehensive
IP multicast status pages at (no
longer available).  I've not seen nor heard from Marshall in a long
time so I wouldn't expect this to come back any time soon.

Sadly I don't know of any suitable replacement, but you might find some
of that by searching here, if nothing else using the router proxies to
examine status by hand:


CAIDA used to do some, but I'm not sure they have anything active any
longer, browsing their tools and data may turn up some hints to other

The once NLANR inspired and run Beacon project hasn't completely died
out, there is this I found at for instance:


Interdomain IP multicast has practically since the beginning
been a notoriously niche and limited service compared to unicast
service.  There are a handful of reasons for that, but I think you will
find it becoming decreasingly available rather than more so on
interdomain basis.


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