Multicast Internet Route table.

William F. Maton Sotomayor wmaton at
Tue Sep 2 10:44:46 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2 Sep 2014, S, Somasundaram (Somasundaram) wrote:

> Members
>    I have few questions related to Multicast deployment in the internet today.

Inter-domain I am assuming.

> 1: Does all the ISP's provide Multicast Routing by default?

Probably not a majority, but it is found on research networks like 
Internet2, GEANT, etc and any of their member networks.

> 2:  Is there any placeholder where one can get to know the Multicast Internet Route table (usage, stability etc) just like Unicast Route table (

One such place, long running:

There may be others on the networks mentioned above...


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