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Job Title:Telecommunications Policy and Technology Specialist (Internet)

Agency:Federal Communications Commission


$124,995.00 to $157,100.00 / Per Year


As Telecommunications Policy and Technology Specialist (Internet), he/she
serves as a senior expert consultant and advisor with regard to wireline
and wireless broadband technologies used in communications networks,
Internet technologies, Internet networking, and traffic exchange evolution
issues. Provides expert technical and policy advice on the technology,
design, and operations of Internet networks, including changes in network
design and traffic exchange practices and policies resulting from emerging
commercial practices and strategies. Performs investigative analyses and
original research with respect to critical and unprecedented network
operations, service provision, traffic exchange, and content delivery
issues that involve emerging technologies, services, and commercial
incentives; evaluates technical, social, legal, institutional and other
related implications of proposed policy decisions on technology adoption,
deployment, network operations, communications services provision; and
provides input into Commission proceedings that implement those proposed
policy decisions.

Drafts recommendations, decision memoranda, notices of inquiry, notices of
proposed rulemaking, orders, and public notices concerning the technical
and business/financial aspects of designing, building, operating, and
exchanging traffic among Internet backbone networks, and content delivery
and other Internet networks. Drafts correspondence and reports concerning
controversial technical aspects of pending or future issues that may
warrant Commission actions, requesting additional information as necessary.
Initiates correspondence responsive to inquiries from the public, other
government agencies, other parts of the FCC, and Congress. Initiates
communications with the public (including service providers, trade
associations, and consumer groups) concerning technological, business, and
operational issues of specific interest or concern to the Commission.

Provides guidance and leadership over unusually complex newly emerging
technical matters, including those of a precedent-setting nature. Provides
expert technical and policy analysis for the Division on any issues
relating to advanced communications systems, including broadband systems
and the Internet, as assigned by the Division Chief or designees.
Facilitates decision and action on such matters by drafting briefing
material or rulemaking documents and by briefing the Division and/or
Division management on policy or action alternative issues.



Specialized Experience: Applicants must have a minimum of one year of
specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-14 grade level in the
Federal service.

For this position, specialized experience includes the following:

1) Experience applying knowledge of network management and operations,
network architecture, Internet technologies and services, broadband
technologies, data communications, and communications network technology;

2) Experience in a variety of communications networks and systems including
Internet and broadband networks;

3) Experience performing investigative analyses and original research with
respect to unprecedented network operations and service provision issues
that involve emerging technologies; and

4) Experience presenting complex technical and policy information to
various audiences.

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