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Wed Oct 29 17:48:28 UTC 2014

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> From: "Brian Butler" <techbb at>

> > I'm getting a 404 error
> >

Add me to the list of "it works" people.

> I concur, that URL results in 404 for me too. Much content which had
> been reliably available at and
> seems to have vanished or broken lately.
> Not aware of alternate source. I prefer the pools and other
> sources anyway, for reliability.

While boulder.nist does now seem to be a redirect, tf.nist and the child
page are both working from Sprint LTE.
> I didn't memorize the federal time servers, but wasn't simply
> one of them? is the round-robin.

All this leads me to a pretty important question:

What happens if Judah Levine gets hit by a bus?

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