Linux: concerns over systemd [OT]

nanog at nanog at
Wed Oct 22 11:23:02 UTC 2014

When it's working, no doupt, I'll be fine
I don't care (or just a few) about when it's working.
The point is: what about it's failure ?

On the ethical point of view, systemd is killed anyway

On 22/10/2014 13:00, Daniel Ankers wrote:
> On 22 October 2014 11:34, <nanog at
> <mailto:nanog at>> wrote:
>     Before leaving Debian, things to think:
>     - will systemd be officialy the only system available ?
>     - if so, won't we get a way to bypass that ?
> And one other thought... is it really that bad?
> Personally I like it a lot better than sysV plus inittab plus daemontools.
> Dan 

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