Linux: concerns over systemd adoption and Debian's decision to switch

Israel G. Lugo israel.lugo at
Tue Oct 21 00:48:35 UTC 2014


Not intending to start a flame war here. I have been referred to the
website below, and believe they certainly raise some valid concerns.

If you have the time, please take a moment to read over the text, and
follow a few links. I am quoting the first few paragraphs as a summary:

> We are Veteran Unix Admins and we are concerned about what is
> happening to Debian GNU/Linux to the point of considering a
> fork of the project.
> Some of us are upstream developers, some professional
> sysadmins: we are all concerned peers interacting with Debian
> and derivatives on a daily basis.
> We don't want to be forced to use systemd in substitution to
> the traditional UNIX sysvinit init, because systemd betrays
> the UNIX philosophy.
> We contemplate adopting more recent alternatives to sysvinit,
> but not those undermining the basic design principles of "do
> one thing and do it well" with a complex collection of dozens
> of tightly coupled binaries and opaque logs.

I understand discussion on this matter has been quite polarized in some
circles. As stated, it's not my intention to start an argument on
whether A is better than B, nor do I believe that to be the site's
purpose. Rather, I would like to divulge and hopefully incite some
productive discussion.

Israel G. Lugo

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