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Thu Oct 9 01:15:03 UTC 2014

I can relate to this, having gone thru a similar process/experience fairly recently in using IRRd..

So the real question Brandon is asking..

 For a newbie, how does one go about learning the basic's of IRRd.

Speaking for myself, if there is a good answer, I would welcome it.

Here is what I had to do...
  1. Used Radb lookup on different AS-Set and ASN to get a feel on how others were using this resource.

   2.  Went thru the ARIN IRRd Tutorial / info pages on how to create records etc.

   3.  Did Google searches on finding some of the older NANOG presentations about IRRd.


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

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> Subject: RADB
> Hi,
> I really don't know where else to post this. I recently subscribed to RADB
> and added route objects and route6 objects for our prefixes we announce. Of
> course an aut-num object was created and I created a list of ASN's that are
> downstream customers in an as-set list. But, since this is my first time
> ever subscribing to a routing registry, I really don't know for sure that
> I'm doing everything correctly. So, I submitted an e-mail to RADB and
> requested that they review what I've done and to see if I'm doing it
> correctly. Well, the reply I received was far less than I could have ever
> imagined:
> "RADb is a self-serve service. If you have specific questions, we can
> address those. However, the type of audit requested is not a part of the
> standard offering associated with this service."
> So my question is, how am I supposed to verify that what I've done is what is
> supposed to be done and that I am doing this correctly?
> My next question is, why would RADB offer zero support for confirming this?
> And lastly, why should my organization pay $500 per year to a service that
> is unwilling to assist in making sure their subscriber is using their
> service properly?
> Best regards,
> Brandon Wade

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