Marriott wifi blocking

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Oct 6 14:37:05 UTC 2014

On Oct 4, 2014, at 11:23 PM, Michael Thomas <mike at> wrote:

> On 10/04/2014 11:13 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> Very true. I wasn't talking about ideal solutions. I was talking about current state of FCC regulations.
>> Further, you seem to assume a level of control over client behavior that is rare in my experience.
>> Owen
> I this particular case, I think that enterprise could go a very long way to driving a solution through
> standards and deployment. They, after all, call the shots of who does and who doesn't get over
> the corpro-drawbridge. A much different state of affairs than the typical unwashed masses dilemma.

Not sure what you mean by corpro-drawbridge in this context.

Some corporations exercise extreme control over their clients. They are the exception, not the rule.

The vast majority of corporate environments have to face the realities of BYOD and minimal control over client configuration, software load, etc.

> Assuming that there's the perception that this is a big enough problem, of course.

Not sure. The issue you seem to be talking about seems somewhat orthogonal to the original topic of the thread, so I”m not sure going too deep into it in this forum is appropriate.


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