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> This would be why commercial entities
> often use their trademark identifiers
> as part of the SSID. You can compel
> them (briefly) not to use the SSID, until
> they sue you for trademark infringement
> and serve cease-and-desist orders against
> you for unlicensed and unauthorized use
> of the Starbucks name. Totally separate
> realm of enforcement, and in many ways
> far more effective.

Though this requires you to buy the argument that the use of a wordmark
*in an address of some time* is infringing under the terms of the Lanham
Act, which is a point on which I don't believe there's presently any case
law, and which I think would be a difficult argument to prosecute against
a properly defended plaintiff.

Just *using a word* that someone has registered as a wordmark is not
inherently infringement, or Ford City PA would be in serious trouble.
The Lanham Act is *quite* clear on what is an infringing use, and I 
don't myself believe the posited case qualifies.

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