Phasing out of copper

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Fri Nov 28 15:46:03 UTC 2014

Currently in the midst of a CRTC policy hearing in Canada on future of
competition in ISPs.

Incumbents claim they have no plans to retire their copper plant after
deploying FTTP/FTTH.  (strategically to convince regulator that keeping
ISPs on copper is fine and no need to let them access FTTP).

For my reply I am trying to get more authoritative info to show that
incumbents do have plans to retire the copper plant once enough
customers have migrated to FTTP ( I heard that 80% migration is the
tip-ver where they convert the rest of customers to FTTP to be able to
shutddown the copper).

Anyone have pointers to documents or experiences that would help me
convince the regulator that incumbents deploy FTTP with eventual goal to
be able to shutdown their old copper instead of perpetually maintaining
both systems ?

Also being discussed is removing regulations for access to ULL
(unbundled local loops).  In areas being upgraded to FTTP, are there
services that really need copper ULLs and do not have an FTTP equivalent
? (home alarm systems ?).

When an incumbent states for the record that "retiring copper is not in
their current plans", I know that it means that it isn't in their short
term plans. But I need some evidence of what other telcos do to help
show the incumbent is "spinning".

Any help appreciated.

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