Buying IP Bandwidth Across a Peering Exchange

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Wed Nov 26 12:41:04 UTC 2014

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014 11:03:16 PM Bob Evans wrote:

> I agree with Bill...going it on the cheap is risky. DOn't
> consider it for primary. It may be good for backup. I
> have sold small amounts of transit to non-ISP companies
> on exchanges (100-200 meg). It's a good extra backup for
> ISPs, if you setup your local pref, MED and then prepend
> your AS an extra time or two to the prefixes you
> transmit. Then if you ever need to use it, it's sitting
> there waiting to send and receive traffic. I let ISPs
> customers do that with us for real low cost backup fees.

We don't support that, for example, for reasons stated by 
many before.

Even if we did, we typically don't offer customer services 
on peering routers. So physically, it would be a nightmare 
trying to terminate an IP Transit service from a peering 
member when the only path between us and them is a peering 
router. Yes, tunneling works, but tunnels <insert your 
choice of colourful text here>.

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