How do I handle a supplier that delivered a faulty product?

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Nov 26 06:06:59 UTC 2014

In message <CAE7MFiJOxo9ybYg4BE+F9qM7VNvV1iqfJYjS4H0k0d-JJBWoVQ at>, Nick B writes:
> At no point does that spec say a single thing about speed.  The closest
> part I could find was "Upstream data rate 1.244Gbps", but I think it's
> pretty clear that that is the link speed, not the actual data rate.  It's
> worth wringing them out over the issue, maybe you can shame them into
> taking the units back, but I don't think you will have much luck pinning
> them down legally on some nebulous belief that it would run at wire rate
> gigabit.
> Nick

Any router/modem that *crashes* when the input rate exceeds the
output rate is broken.  A router/modem shouldn't crash regardless
of the data input rate.  It might drop packets but not crash.

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