Transit, Exchange Point Agreements, and Acceptable Use?

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Most written peering agreements have a clause that says you can't provide that data unless required to by authorities and only in compliance with applicable local law.

The article says that's still an open question:

"Channel 4 News has been unable to establish whether Reliance Communications was served with a warrant to authorise this and the company has not responded to our calls."


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I'll apologize up front if this offends anyone's sensitivities as to what is relevant for list conversation... but one sentence in this
Channel4 News story (from what I understand, Channel4 is a very popular news source in the UK) struck me as perhaps in violation of some sort of peering and/or transit agreement. Cable and Wireless:

"...even went as far as providing traffic from a rival foreign communications company, handing information sent by millions of internet users worldwide over to spies."

The entire article is here:

My question is this: Do willful actions such as these violate peering, transit, and/or exchange agreements in any way?


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