Outbound traffic on a circuit?

Steven Saner ssaner at hubris.net
Wed Nov 19 22:31:09 UTC 2014

On 11/19/2014 04:23 PM, Naslund, Steve wrote:
> I am looking at an order for a well known upstream provider.  They are 
>> handing me a circuit at a data center.  The contract reads if we use more
>> than 50% of the outbound the price gets re-priced and almost doubles.   How
>> many folks have ran into this?

We have contracts with two different well known Tier 1/2 providers that
state that the the ratio of inbound to outbound traffic must stay above
2:1 or a price increase will be triggered. In one case that price
increase is about 40%. In our case the ratio is closer to 20:1 so it
isn't an issue.


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