Overlay as a link

Glen Kent glen.kent at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 07:03:02 UTC 2014


When youre doing overlay networking, i.e., you have tunnels from one
virtual machine in a DC to another in another DC, then can i consider a
tunnel between the two virtual machines as a "physical link" that exists in
a regular network?

I am wondering on what possibly can be the difference between a tunnel
being considered as a link and a true physical link.

I could run routing algorithms on both. The tunnel would only be considered
as an interface. Or i could run BFD on both.

Once difference that i can think of is that while you can send multiple
frames together on a tunnel (for example if there are ECMP paths within the
tunnel), you may not be able to send multiple frames at the same time on a
physical link. Anything else?


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