A case against vendor-locking optical modules

Max Tulyev maxtul at netassist.ua
Mon Nov 17 18:24:56 UTC 2014


TheWorldMainBusinessRule says: "Don't work with morons!!!" Never. In any
way. Even if it seems for the first look they give you prices and offers
times better than normal people. Just don't even think.


On 17.11.14 20:11, Jérôme Nicolle wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having a discussion with Arista, trying to explain to them why I
> _can't_ buy any hardware unable to run with compatible optical modules.
> My points are :
> - I need specific modules, mostly *WDM and BiDi, some still unavailable
> in their product line
> - I run at least two other vendors on every locations and can't stack up
> every spare optics for each of them, neither could remote-hands safely
> re-program optics to match a specific vendor when needed.
> - I have an established relationship with a trusted optics supplier,
> providing support, warranty and re-coding hardware for their entire
> (impressive) lineup. And this supplier is still 2-5x times cheaper than
> any vendor-labeled optics even with NFR-like discounts.
> Based on these points, I discourage every customers of ever using
> locked-in equipments, and forbid them on my own network. Of course,
> Arista can't be pleased because their hardware never stepped chord in my
> customer's networks. But they seem to deliberatly miss my points every
> time the subject comes up.
> What are other arguments against vendor lock-in ? Is there any argument
> FOR such locks (please spare me the support issues, if you can't read
> specs and SNMP, you shouldn't even try networking) ?
> Did you ever experience a shift in a vendor's position regarding the use
> of compatible modules ?
> Thanks !

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