A case against vendor-locking optical modules

Clayton Zekelman clayton at MNSi.Net
Mon Nov 17 19:57:34 UTC 2014

At 02:49 PM 17/11/2014, Scott Voll wrote:
>I've asked the same question and got the answer that there is a REAL BIG
>chip manufacture that was having huge system issue and told the vendor that
>they were going to rip out all the manufactures routing / switching
>equipment if they didn't get it fixed.
>after the manufacture send engineering staff on site they found that the
>problem was not the routers or switches but the SFP's that the Chip
>manufacture had purchased.  After replacing the SFP's they had no problems.

I've heard that explanation a number of times in various forms.  I 
suspect it was an explanation crafted to counter the argument.

Regardless, it should have been simple enough to rule out the optics 
with proper diagnostics and swapping out of suspect units.

The real reason of course is margin



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