Wireless Connectivity - Heber City, UT area

Jima nanog at jima.us
Sat Nov 15 05:08:44 UTC 2014

On 2014-11-14 11:34, Brandon Galbraith wrote:
> I'm doing some research regarding short-term (~1 week) high speed (~10-15Mb
> down/at least 5Mbps up) wireless connectivity in the Heber City, UT area.
> The only provider I found was Blaze (http://www.blazewifi.com) (besides
> ILECs/incumbents). Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm also open
> to other provider suggestions I might be missing. The potential usage site
> is about 10 miles LOS east/south-east from downtown Heber City.

  Not to get too political, but is this for the Rainbow Family 
Gathering?  (First thought based on location/duration.)

  I haven't dealt with Blaze, but depending on your event's tax status 
(NPO/charity?), you might be able to get some help from local-ish 
business.  I know some of the ISPs in the Salt Lake valley have been 
known to do some pro bono work; I'm not sure about Utah County.  (Google 
Fiber in Provo springs to mind, but I don't imagine there's any way you 
could get a signal down Provo Canyon or over the mountains.)

  Otherwise, Zach's suggestion aside, I'd see whether any businesses in 
Heber proper might be able to lend/sublet you bandwidth, and look into 
point-to-point wireless.


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