Linux router traffic monitoring, how? netflow?

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at
Fri Nov 14 13:50:11 UTC 2014

If you go the netflow route you might consider FlowViewer/SiLK for the 
collector/analyzer. It is web driven and allows you to easily establish 
traffic thresholds which will generate an alert email.


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> Hello Eliezer.
> Netflow will be the best solution to find the host that's generate 
> load. First you need decide what netflow analyzer you'll use. I know
> about some plugin to Cacti. Than you need install IPT-NETFLOW to 
> your Ubuntu router.
> Also you have another way, you can monitor (snmp traffic) all ports 
> on switches and then find analyze. 
> B.R. Murat
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> Hey all,
> I have a tiny linux router based on ubuntu and sometimes I get a 
> massive load of UDP traffic because of one of the PCs in the network.
> Usually I handle the situation with a strict block using iptables.
> The main issue is to find it due to the load.
> For now I am monitoring the traffic load using MRTG but it won't notify 
> I can try to use nagios to monitor traffic load for a period of time
> but before I start working on it I want another person opinion and 
> I have seen netflow in the past but never actually used it.
> Thanks in advance,
> Eliezer
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