cheap laptop with 32G or 64G recommendations

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On 11/11/2014 05:54 PM, lobna gouda wrote:
> Thanks all for your reply, lenovo seems decent almost all the pc ( lenovo and hp) are decent with the 16G.somebody mentioned with 16g it is a bit slow; Keith here is saying the 32G he had no issue. i intend to buy my own memory just to save on the costi agree 64 will be sky expensive and cloud will do, then.By the way W530 is replaced by W540, donot see much benefit for my case.

Be careful with Lenovo, some folks think it has a bad security 
reputation. Why? *shrug*, not sure but maybe because it's a Chinese 
company with ties to the PRC and IIRC, there was a BIOS flaw.


> Brgds,
> Lobna Gouda
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>> I have an almost two-year old Lenovo W530 with 32G ram. I've been happy
>> with it. I don't find myself taking advantage of the ram (w/ VMWare
>> Workstation) as much as I thought I would.
>> -Keith
>> Darden, Patrick wrote:
>>> If there is a cheap quad-core laptop with 64GB of ram and no huge downsides...  then sign me up!  I expect that will be the standard in 5 years, but right now that is a hoss.
>>> Izaac's suggestion of using the cloud is good, if you can do it.  Cloud services have come a long way--fast and easy to set up complex environments.  Great article comparing performance and costs:
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>>>> Hello,
>>>> Any recommendation, not looking for anything fantasy,  my understanding
>>>> it should be quardcore, with more than DIMM0 slot so each can have 8G.
>>>> wind7-64bits to work. I want to use it as a server or practice logical
>>>> routers  		 	   		
>>> "Cheap" and "64GiB of RAM" are incompatible concepts in laptops.
>>> There is no earthly reason you should need to carry a machine like that anyway. If for some reason you need something so equipped, get yourself a cloud instance and connect to it. That's how you save money.
>>> If you're stuck working in a completely isolated environment, then work it into the contract. That's the cost of being on an island.
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>>> Izaac

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