Tech Laptop with DB9 [REALLY Equinox SST]

Barry Shein bzs at
Tue Nov 11 19:39:09 UTC 2014

  Executive Summary: Anyone have an updated linux driver for an
  Equinox/Avocent SST-128?

I've used an Equinox SST-128 for serial ports for years.

It's a PCI card with a cable to panels with up to 128 serial ports

It's been very handy, never given me trouble, just plugging in a piece
of CAT-5 has almost always worked (there are RJ-45 to DB9 and DB15
adapters.) Just connect some terminal emulator or similar to the
device (something like /dev/ttyAG), I've used eterm for no deep reason
other than it "just worked", it's an odd fork or rewrite of xterm.

But any vendor support is long gone.

I think Equinox sold it to Avocent or changed their name and the
newest Linux driver is about 5 years old and won't run on anything
newer than, well, pretty old, SuSE 9.3, the newest didn't "just build"
on 10.x and that's pretty old, 2.6 kernel.

And of course the one system I was using it on just died, everything
else here has too-new Linux, typically openSuSE 13.1. I'd hate to have
to rebuild a 5+ year old linux just to run this one card.

SO BEFORE I dig in and try to port the driver I was wondering if
anyone else has done this already?

        -Barry Shein

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