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Mike Hyde mike.hyde1 at
Tue Nov 11 16:19:17 UTC 2014

Another vote for AirConsole.  I have the updated version that uses 
bluetooth so that I can use the WiFi at the same time.  Works great.

Our shop uses USB to Serial adapters, but we had to get ones with static 
protection.  We move between multiple boxes (older PBX systems) and 
every so often we would have the adapter and/or OS lock up due to 
static.  Never had problems since getting the new ones.

> Stepan Kucherenko <mailto:twh at>
> November 11, 2014 at 3:34 AM
> I want to reiterate on AirConsole because it IS amazing. I don't even
> grab a laptop when I go onsite anymore, just an AirConsole, its
> usb-serial cable and a tablet.
> Laptop can be a requirement if you need more than a serial, but using
> serial-over-wifi and a tablet is an incredible quality of life upgrade
> if you only need a quick reconfigure most of the time.
> Even if you have to use a laptop, it's so much better to not be attached
> to the rack so you can find a more comfortable place to work.
> Although it's kinda strange that Andoid app is free but IOS one isn't.
> Also I wish I could use their wifi as a simple bridge without its own
> DHCP while using a serial, it'd be even more nice for troubleshooting.
> Alexander Neilson <mailto:alexander at>
> November 10, 2014 at 3:11 PM
> I have found Air Console to be amazing:
> I have one that comes with me in my bag everywhere.
> I also have purchased a couple of their 1.8M USB to Cisco Rollover 
> Cables which include the USB to Serial converter in the USB Plug. The 
> cable can be adapted to serial and null modem with the end adapters 
> (may not work in every situation)
> The FDDI chip in these cables has strong driver availability across 
> all OS’s and is also installed by default in some OS’s (including OS X 
> - my personal preference for direct interaction machine)
> This way as long as you have USB ports and Wifi you have an awesome 
> tool set. The Air Console can even bridge traffic for monitoring / 
> wireshark over Wifi (obvious bandwidth limitations) so I really enjoy 
> having it with me.
> Regards
> Alexander
> Alexander Neilson
> Neilson Productions Limited
> alexander at
> 021 329 681
> 022 456 2326
> Max Clark <mailto:max.clark at>
> November 10, 2014 at 2:39 PM
> Hi all,
> DB9 ports seem to be a nearly extinct feature on laptops. Any 
> suggestions on a cheap laptop for use in field support (with an 
> onboard DB9)?
> Thanks,
> Max

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