cheap laptop with 32G or 64G recommendations

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Tue Nov 11 13:21:16 UTC 2014

If there is a cheap quad-core laptop with 64GB of ram and no huge downsides...  then sign me up!  I expect that will be the standard in 5 years, but right now that is a hoss.

Izaac's suggestion of using the cloud is good, if you can do it.  Cloud services have come a long way--fast and easy to set up complex environments.  Great article comparing performance and costs:


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>Any recommendation, not looking for anything fantasy,  my understanding 
>it should be quardcore, with more than DIMM0 slot so each can have 8G.
>wind7-64bits to work. I want to use it as a server or practice logical

"Cheap" and "64GiB of RAM" are incompatible concepts in laptops.

There is no earthly reason you should need to carry a machine like that anyway. If for some reason you need something so equipped, get yourself a cloud instance and connect to it. That's how you save money.

If you're stuck working in a completely isolated environment, then work it into the contract. That's the cost of being on an island.


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