Clueful Jive Communications Contact?

chris tknchris at
Sat Nov 8 17:24:37 UTC 2014

Thanks to all replies off-list. Contact has been made with all the right
people in the right places. It really is amazing to see how active the
nanog community is and all the great players involved.


On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 6:24 PM, chris <tknchris at> wrote:

> Sorry for the noise but If anyone from Jive Communications is on the list
> or if anyone has any clueful technical contacts please contact me offlist.
> I have a very frustrated mutual customer we provide network services to
> who utilizes Jive for their voice and we can see that there is intermittent
> reachability problems and all attempts  to go through normal support with
> the information we have provided are going nowhere.
> Thanks
> chris

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