Shipping bulk hardware via freight

Sholes, Joshua Joshua_Sholes at
Fri Nov 7 20:28:03 UTC 2014

Back a few jobs ago, I had a similar problem with a trucker refusing to do
inside delivery on a 5kVa UPS unit that clocked in around 450lbs, and my
town didn't have any similar moving company willing to schlep that thing
up two flights of stairs on no notice.  However, it turns out that you can
disassemble that particular model of 5kVa UPS into pieces such that the
biggest one weighs a little over 200 lbs.  It also apparently turns out I
can carry a 200lb battery up two flights of stairs.

I like to think I'm smarter now than I was then, on at least three
specific counts.


On 11/7/14, 2:09 PM, "Barry Shein" <bzs at> wrote:

>I remember when we got our SGI Challenge XL delivered. It was around
>1200lbs and the trucker refused to do an inside delivery even though
>we'd specified that, we were on the second floor (up one flight of
>stairs tho a few more to get to the stairs.) Their excuse was that we
>didn't have a proper way to do that. That is, there were three steps
>before the elevator and whatever else they think of not to do it.
>So rather than fuss with them and leaving the $500K system on the
>sidewalk outside I called:
>      Death Wish Movers
>They're a company in Boston which specializes in moving big pianos and
>similar. The Travel Channel (I think it was) made a reality series
>about them briefly.
>Four guys showed up and decided they didn't even want to use the
>elevator, too small or something.
>They just hauled that thing up the stairs with your usual
>I forget the cost but it wasn't a lot, maybe $300?
>Needless to say I recommend them.
>   -b

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