Shipping bulk hardware via freight

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I really wish we could do emojiĀ¹s in email.  Totally fitting!

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On 11/6/14, 7:43 PM, "Larry Sheldon" <larrysheldon at> wrote:

>On 11/6/2014 12:07, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
>> On Wed, 05 Nov 2014 23:11:23 -0500, William Herrin said:
>>> Ah yes, I recall watching them decommission the old Control Data Cyber
>>> back at Georgia Tech. The mover slipped trying to get it on the
>>> and the whole cabinet dropped about a foot to the ground with a nice
>>> thud.
>> I know of a case where somebody managed to drop an IBM Shark storage
>> array off a forklift.
>> Amazingly enough, it still kinda sorta worked after that....
>I no longer can recall the name of the company (his trucks were United
>Fan Lines colors but he had split off or something and had a license to
>use the colors)--all he (and crew) did was big computers.
>In the years I dealt with him the highlights were a) the time he and
>crew loaded a 1783 Drum (Several thousand pounds, I think, and
>top-heavy) into a truck parked against the curb or a street that has a
>moderately radical slope.  Rolling it off the lift gate they lost it and
>it slammed against the down-hill wall pretty sternly.  The truck tilted
>a bit into the street light pole which made the pole whip, flinging the
>glass cover down on the truck.  Activity eventually stopped with the
>truck leaning (and immobilized) against the pole.  I don't remember the
>b) the time they Johnson-barred an 1110 CPU into an open hole in the
>raised floor.  Seems like the ripped out a lot of floor before deciding
>the strategy was not working.  Seems like the used several Rol-a-lifts,
>a lot of canvas strapping and Johnson Bar handles recovering it.
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