Shipping bulk hardware via freight

Gary Buhrmaster gary.buhrmaster at
Thu Nov 6 02:54:49 UTC 2014

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Jason <86 at> wrote:
> If so, please contact me offline if you are willing to share your experience.

If you no longer have the original packing boxes (most manufactures
have a part number for their boxes, you can order and ship them to the DC,
but they are not cheap), and you are relocating for future use, call
movers that specialize in data centers.  They know how to do it.  Not cheap,
but the equipment makes it to the other end in operational condition
(rather than the router that had a fork lift hole in the side of the box (only
bent the sheet metal, fortunately), or the entire rack that now had a 15
degree tilt, and for which the inserted disk drives no longer really fit into
the metal shell, both "issues" showing up at the other end, and no one
knowing how it happened, or the time our "in house" shipping expert(???)
packed a large router power supply using packing peanuts, and it arrived
with the corners bent (although after a bit of pliers and hammer work, it
could be forced into the router, and it worked).  And, if a professional data
center mover screws up (and, occasionally, everyone does), their insurance
covers the repair/replacement (and if you write the contract right, the cost
of loss of service, if that is important to you).

For our most recent smaller move, we ordered the boxes from the manufacturer
(note that the lead times can sometimes be surprisingly long for just the box),
and for the last bigger move we got the professional movers.

Good luck.

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