Cisco CCNA Training

Scott Morris swm at
Mon Nov 3 01:36:19 UTC 2014

Depends on how quickly you want them trained, and how they tend to learn

Reading is good, but can be boring and tedious and not always have all the
Standard ILT can be costly, but very quick and often standard (though I¹d
shop around for who you have as an instructor since that can make or break
the success)!
Video-based training gives a good mix of things and there are options out
there.  I know there¹s been one other response for CBT Nuggets, which I
would definitely recommend.

Take that with a grain of salt (and I¹m ok with that) since I do some work
for them now.  However, I would have recommended them even before I
started developing training for them.  :)

Jeremy Cioara teaches the CCNA courses for CBT, and he is quite animated
and very knowledgeable.   He will definitely get all the necessary points
across.  In addition to the certification courses you mentioned, there are
also many ³real world² variants of materials as well, which give a
different slant to the teachings that you may find useful for your group.

And being a subscription cost, you can watch as many different things as
you¹d like rather than being limited to one course.  Something worth
checking out.  Don¹t take my word for it, go look for yourself (or have
your group do that).



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>We have a couple of techs that want to learn cisco and networking in
>general. What do you recommend for learning and getting certified on
>There seems to be a million different training courses, books, etc out

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