Is it unusual to remove defunct rr objects?

Rob Seastrom rs at
Sat Nov 1 22:18:41 UTC 2014

Jimmy Hess <mysidia at> writes:

> Do the internet route registries  exist  to track routes that are not
> to appear on the public internet?  I think not.

What's "the public Internet"?  Does it mean "the DFZ as seen at Jimmy
Hess' router, with his set of upstreams"?  If so, I can assure you
that there are plenty of routes that need to pass filters that are (or
optimally would be) built off of IRR data that would not pass this

> There should probably be an attribute provided for such objects,
> however,  that would indicate  "This route does not appear on the
> public internet".

see above.  :)

> If not tagged like that in some manner, and a matching route does has
> not appeared on the public internet  at any time during the past  6 to
> 12  months,  then  I would consider the registry object to be defunct.

Where on the public Internet?

Do networks run by organizations such as SITA, ARINC, BT Radianz, UK
MOD, and US DOD that use globally unique space and may interconnect
with each other in some way (and could hypothetically be using
IRR-type structures to describe that routing policy though I don't
think the military does that) get their objects unceremoniously booted?


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