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Nick Olsen nick at
Tue May 27 14:30:28 UTC 2014

Hey Faisal, We use to have peering with Road Runner (Bright House Networks) 
~6 years ago.
 At that time, They created a RR object (RADB) for our AS that specifically 
said ROAD RUNNER. Which caused all kinds of havoc as some databases would 
pull that over the "AS NAME" when listing our network. They even updated 
the registry a couple of times in the years following our termination of 
their service. Emails to their RADB email, As well as to their direct 
support went completely unanswered.
 The solution for me was asking Merit (RADB's Parent company..whatever they 
are). To forcibly remove the entry, They did so about two hours after my 
email to them and were extremely helpful.
 Nick Olsen
Network Operations  (855) FLSPEED  x106


 From: "Faisal Imtiaz" <faisal at>
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Subject: Contact for Road Runner   

I am looking to get in touch with anyone who is responsible for Routing 
Registry Objects at Road Runner Cable.

Can you please reply back to me off list.

(We need to have an older ASN RR Object Created by to be removed 


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